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2004 Events

London to Sydney Marathon

5th June - 4th July 2004

Steve Blunt and Robert Duck are undertaking the London to Sydney Marathon this year. Already veterans of the long distance rally, coming fourth in the Midnight Sun to Red Sea Rally in 2002, Steve and Bob are looking forward to the event in which they will driving a toyota.

It's a 30-day adventure taking in 15,000 kms of Europe from the Alpes to the Mediterranean, the highlands of southern India and the romantic remote Australian outback. The Harbour Bridge and the worlds most famous Opera House will be a welcome sight for the survivors.

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5th June to 4th July 2004 day by day


9 October 2004
Harold Palin Stages - Manby

Rallying duo Kevin Perks and Gary Bellis achieved their best result so far on Saturday 9th October 2004. The pair were competing on the "HAROLD PALIN MEMORIAL STAGES RALLY" at Manby in Lincolnshire, the event being jointly run by Eastwood & District Motor Club & The Civil Service Motoring Association.

All the stages used on the event utilised a two lap formulae by the use of splits and merge junctions, this not only gave the competing crews more mileage it also made for some exciting moments for the spectators as two cars could often be running together on some sections of a stage.

Stage 1 was on 100% sealed surface, the Subaru Impreza of Kevin & Gary taking a respectable time of 5min 24 secs to complete the 5.8 mile stage.

Stage 2 was a repeat of stage 1, the crew this time achieving an even quicker time of 5mins 15 secs.

Stage 3 was cancelled after the first 3 cars had started the stage due to an accident, the navigator of the car involved being taken to hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery from his injuries.

Stage 4 was also not to be for the top 11 crews (including Kevin & Gary). Due to another accident the stage was "Red Flagged" whilst they were only part way through the stage. All of the crews that were affected by the stage being stopped were given a notional time of 4mins 46 secs by the Organisers, this being the time set by the only car to complete the stage prior to the Red Flags being deployed.

After the lunch interval things were to become very exciting out on the stages as the crews were faced with 60% of the stage on sealed surface, a further 15% on Grass and the remaining 25% on Gravel, with a few jumps thrown in for good measure. For the 9.8 mile stage 5, the team opted to stay on Tarmac tyres, a decision that was to cost them some time, when on the first lap they slid straight on at a 90 left and went nose first into the ditch. Fortunately the car being four-wheel drive they managed to reverse out, but vital seconds were lost. On the second lap, approaching the same corner, the crew could see a car that was already stuck in the ditch so severely reduced speed prior to the corner but still managed to drop the front end in the ditch, again the cars four wheel drive getting them out, but even more time was lost, the crew eventually taking a time of 11mins 48 secs.

With stage 6 to be a repeat of the 9.8 mile stage 5, the team took the opportunity in service to switch to Gravel tyres. This time the stage went exceedingly well for the pair, with them even managing to wave at the cameras as they came over one of the jumps. This time around they were a whopping 61 seconds quicker, setting a time of 10 mins 47 secs.

Stage 7 comprised 75% on sealed surface & 25% on the loose over a distance of 7.6 miles. The pair encountered no problems and recorded a time of 6 mins 47secs. Stage 8 being a repeat of stage 7 the pair managed to shave 5 seconds of their time, completing the stage in 6 mins 42 secs.

With the days proceedings over the crew were extremely happy with finishing 8th overall, but were even happier to collect their awards for finishing 2nd in their class. Their best result yet.

Kevin & Gary would like to thank their sponsors, EMTEC, INFOMEDIA, OPTIMISED OPERATIONS & PROJECX for their continued support, LANGWORTH MOTORSPORT INTERNATIONAL for preparing the car. Jason Moore & John Walsh for servicing. Pete Dawson for all his wonderful photo's and last but by no means least all of the volunteers who made the event happen.

Thank you All!


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