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Richard Burns Memorial Rally

Langworth Motorsport had two cars out on the event - Gawaine Clark/Simon Taylor using the team Subaru Impreza. This was the first time for three years that Gawaine had driven the car having previously done 10 events in 10 different cars. Richard Hunt/ Pete Dawson were in Richard's new Impreza with Pete taking a break from the RWD Challenge to navigate.

The event was to commemorate 20 years since Richard Burns first rally when he drove a Talbot Sunbeam in the Newtown Stages. Richard's father, Alex, was co-driving in a replica Sunbeam. Car 1 was a factory Subaru Impreza WRC driven by Marco Martin which left the rest of the competitors standing!

Stage 1 went well for Richard and Pete but not so well for Gawaine and Simon who found themselves with at best poor brakes and at worst no brakes and no warning, the car also filled up with petrol fumes which left Simon feeling ill. Stage 2 was worse for Simon who passed out but still managed to hold on tightly to the time cards in fact Gawaine had to prise them out of his hands! Gawaine and Simon were now out of the main event but Gawaine was able to join the Trophy Rally with new navigator Tom Dziadkiewicz

Meanwhile, Richard and Pete applied themselves well and achieved a good result in the 110 mile event with some very good stage times the only problem for them was the car's appetite for tyres.

Gawaine and Tom battled with Ian Watts' Escort for victory on the Trophy rally finally claiming the title by 12 seconds.

Harold Palin Memorial Rally 4th October 2008 Manby Airfield

Gawaine ClarkThe team had only three cars out this time at the home event -

Gawaine Clark/ David Kirkbright were in Gawaine's Subaru Impreza. This was David's first event and he was navigating for Gawaine to gain some experience before his first event as a driver early next year.

Mark Clarke/Tony Racey were competing in Mark's Peugeot 205 1.6. This was a continuation of Mark's learning curve with Tony navigating, instructing and occasionally shouting his way through the rally!

James Clarke/Dave 'Mushy' Peate were in James' Peugeot 205 16v for James' second event.

The day started with a very cold first stage with many of the early runners being caught out with the lack of tyre temperature. With several WRC cars and some very expensive machinery on show Gawaine was worried he would not be able to do justice to his seeding of car 9 but he needn't have worried as despite demolishing a bale chicane and the front of the car when the brake problem made an unwelcome return, he finished the stage 4th - 7 seconds off the lead. The rest of the day consisted of more car damaging brushes with the scenery as Gawaine pushed the Group N Subaru well beyond its (and his) comfort zone, being much more loose than anybody remembers in his quest to get a top three finish. The battle with Ray Brammer in his Subaru WRC was resolved in Gawaine's favour when Ray received a penalty for leaving service late. The last stage was cruised home with a leaking radiator and the engine being turned off on the long straights to keep the temperature down. The whole team was pleased with third when their team hire car had only been beaten by a £200,000 WRC and a top spec Metro 6R4.

Mark ClarkeMark and Tony had an eventful day - an early battle with the other team car of Jim and Mushy meant only a couple of seconds between them after several stages. A couple of spins and a disagreement with a chicane caused Mark's car to have a damaged door and wheel arch, this interspersed with some great driving gave a final result of 7th in class.

James and Mushy were having a good event until a broken strut caused them to return to service on a tow rope and get a maximum stage time. James returned to the event but his bad luck continued and a water pump failure resulted in his second retirement in his past two rallies. We will make a concerted effort to improve his fortunes.

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