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LMS Rallysport Ltd organise and run ROAD SAFETY AND DRIVING AWARENESS courses. The courses are aimed at (but are not exclusive to) younger drivers and are specially designed to promote a greater awareness of potential road hazards and to teach the necessary skills to cope with dangerous situations.  Mazda and Bentley Motors are two of the companies who currently benefit from this course.

The courses last a full day and there are three main activities for the students to take part in:

The Classroom

Not a boring lecture but an interesting and lively discussion using a projector to show hazard perception tests. Students are asked to consider driving using all five senses.

The Skid Car

The computer controlled Mercedes Benz skid car can simulate potentially dangerous road situations by removing the weight from the car's road wheels to create a non-grippy surface. Students learn how to recognise and deal with understeer and oversteer, they learn emergency avoidance action, high speed braking and car control on a slippery surface - all in a safe controlled environment. Students are also shown, within this safe environment, how distractions such as a mobile phone can affect driving abilities

The Rally Car

Students are given practice runs on the rally stage and learn various rally driving techniques such as handbrake turns. Skills improve throughout the day as students are pushed to - but not beyond - the limit of their ability. At the end of the day students are given a high speed chauffeured ride by the instructor.

All our days are tailored to suit individual requirements. We can cater for various group sizes and we can bring in further activities if required.

4x4 driving

Juggernaut driving


Refreshments and lunch are provided

To discuss prices, availability and your requirements contact the LMS Rallysport team on   01522 595174 or email us at Langworth Motorsport

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