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London to Sydney Marathon

5th June - 4th July 2004

Day 16 - Coimbatore to Mysore (India)


Joe McAndrew piled on the pressure today over two unique gravel stages set in a wind farm but try as he might he could only best McRae by six seconds on the first and a scant single second on the final one of the day.

But such was the demand he made of his machinery to achieve this that second gear cried enough. He started the stage with a 6-speed gearbox and finished with just five of them working. It will be a long evening for the service crew.

It's probably the first time a Honda gearbox has been serviced in the front garden of the Maharajas' palace in Mysore, which is where 50 of the fortunate crews are staying.

Another with mechanical problems is Paul Darrouzet who ground to a halt today with a damaged engine, likely a legacy of the big off he had yesterday. He plans to get the Capri on to the Antonov and back to Australia, rebuild the engine and continue.

Anthony Ward in sixth place overall in his Mk 1 Escort is now the leading classic with the V8s of Garry Leeson and Peter Cochrane in 11th and 12th places overall holding down second and third places in the classic category.

Dr Gerald Brandstetter, in what has become his 3-cylinder Escort, is a man in demand. With his little black bag of medicaments he has been 'repairing' the Delhi Bellies of drivers and mechanics.

"I broke a valve spring and as a result I am limping along with the three cylinders. But it's a good arrangement, I fixed the tummy of one of the mechanics and in return he's helping me with my engine." more...


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