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London to Sydney Marathon

5th June - 4th July 2004

Day 3 Poitiers to Rodez


As the event moved south through rural France today it was more like a sprint race than a marathon. Making up for his 'off' yesterday that lost him the rally lead Joe McAndrew stormed angrily through both stages to record one fastest time and one joint fastest with Jimmy McRae.

The effort rewarded him by elevating him from 19th place to 11th - so watch for the climb through the field during the next few days.

Kiwi Mike Montgomery salvaged some honour for the Honda team elevating himself to 4th place at the end of the day behind hard charging Simon Glover's Escort.

Graham Lorimer holds on to 5th place in his Corolla with Aussie Paul Darrouzet looming in his rear view mirror. Darrouzet's V8 Capri Perana was driven to victory in the 2000 London-Sydney by World Champion Stig Blomqvist and Ben Rainsford.

Kiwis Ian Begg and Allan Dippie in their Corolla had a drama when a fire broke out under the bonnet in a petrol station. An electrical cable rubbed itself raw on the battery and all it took was one spark and 'woof'. "I was on the case with our extinguisher as a quick as flash," said Ian not quite meaning what he said.

Happily a following competitor provided some replacement cable and they were soon on their way with a couple of minutes of road penalties.

American Chip Johns, a cattle rancher from New Mexico, carries a pair of steer's horns on his bonnet where most people position a 'roo bar. A local gendarme took the view that this could be a major danger should the ebullient Chip run into a pedestrian, or even another vehicle. French plod insisted that they be removed and stored in the boot. So the mighty Falcon is now hornless. more...

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