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London to Sydney Marathon

5th June - 4th July 2004

Day 4 - Rodez to Gap


Joe McAndrew continued his furious charge through the field recording two sensationally fast stage wins to claw his way up to 8th place. Jimmy McRae ran hard with second best times on both stages to elevate himself into a comfortable 30 second lead.

What was more amazing was that on the second stage McAndrew flew off through a fence into a field, executed a spin turn on the grass, came back through the hole in the fence and still recorded a mind-boggling fastest time.

Nelson Marshall in his bright yellow Capri was less fortunate, his 'off' on the first stage left him stranded on a hump and unable to start with a dud starter motor. There was no question of a push start so they removed the offending motor and fixed it. But that made them late for the start of the second stage and they copped maximums for both stages. A black day for the Kiwis.

While they were working on the Capri, Steve Coad in his Astra came and parked face first into a light pole seriously deranging his steering. Serious work and a long night's drive looks on the cards.

Yesterday's leader Keith Callinan admitted that today's stages wasn't really suited to two tons of brutal V8 power and the smaller more nimble cars had the advantage; he slipped back to 5th place.

But for the purists who follow the battle between the classics and the mods it's worth noting that the top ten leader board consists of five of each of them with Simon Glover in his classic Escort keeping pressure the leader McRae in his Toyota.

Fast flowing stages and sensational scenery were today's highlights as the event climbed towards the Alpine high country. Canoeists and trout fishermen pausing on river banks to watch the cars charge through. more...

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