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London to Sydney Marathon

5th June - 4th July 2004

Day 5 - Gap to il Ciocco


Kiwis are flightless birds. But today Kiwi Shane Murland really flew over the 20 km Monte Carlo rally stage to clock fastest time in his Honda to beat team boss Joe McAndrew by five seconds.

Mike Montgomery in another of the Kiwi Hondas moved himself into second place behind Jimmy McRae who now holds a 38 second lead. McAndrew's time over the famous stage has moved from 8th yesterday to 5th today.

The action in that front group is fast and furious with Simon Glover's Escort now the only classic in the top six.

Kiwis seem to be monopolising the news today. Nelson Marshall in his Capri had a whoopsie, speared off into a field and finished up straddling a hay bale. He rejoined quickly and totally confused Joe McAndrew. "I started behind him and he came into the finish behind me and I can't remember passing him," said a bemused Joe.

Today was a day for catch-ups and dropouts. Paul Shaver in his American-built Honda is waiting in Rheims for a courier to deliver a replacement electronic control unit and plans to make a dash to catch the event before Turkey.

Sadly Keith and Mary Ann Callinan's smoking V8 engine cried enough in a big way so they are taking the Monaro to Marseilles to put in on a boat to send it home to Australia.

Fellow Aussies Mark and Rosina Lauke stopped at the Italian border and when it came to restart the gearbox refused to function. A replacement unit is being sent out from the UK and they plan to fit it and go hot foot across country to rejoin the event and catch the ferry to Greece. more...

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