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London to Sydney Marathon

5th June - 4th July 2004

Day 7 - Arezzo to Ancona (Car ferry to Greece)


The day's challenge started early today with the first stage just 8kms from the HQ hotel. The famous Alpi di Poti stage used on the San Remo rally has been part of the legend of world championship rallying for many years.

Seventeen sinuous kilometres long and the shiny white blonde gravel over hairpins exposing sheer drops into distant valleys have claimed the honour and ego of many of the world stars over the years.

Today was no exception; the Alpi added a new name to its honour roll of victims. Kiwi Nelson Marshall went off in a big way reshaping the roof, windscreen and bodywork of his bright yellow Capri giving it a limping gait for the rest of the day.

Jimmy McRae won the first stage at a canter. The second run over the stage saw the hard chargers making better times having memorised some of the tricky turns and the less brave treating the shiny gravel with even more respect.

Predictably Joe McAndrew was the hard charger fully 15 seconds ahead of McRae and Shane Murland who tied for second place.

That now gives McRae a 1m 31 second lead over the menacing McAndrew.

At the end of the day the mustering point was the Ancona ferry port to catch the Anek Line's overnight ferry to Greece. And you don't need to be told that with 150 rallymen on board there was a degree of ribald chat around the bar. more...

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