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London to Sydney Marathon

5th June - 4th July 2004


Nelson Marshall - Ford Capri - New Zealand
Enjoyed it immensely, looking forward to the next TWE event.

Keith Callinan - Holden Monaro - Australia
A real event won by real racers.

Alex Hammond - Nissan Pathfinder - GB
Outstanding ...already put our name down for South America in 2006

Richard Martin Hurst - Capri Perana - GB
Our thanks to the Redshirts - we'll be back again.

Mark Lauke - Porsche 911 - Australia
Appreciated the cameraderie and the mutual support

Vidar Christiansen - Peugeot 307 - Norway
Learnt some good lessons and will put them to good use on the next event

Phillip Straker - Toyota Colorado - GB
Grateful for all the Redshirt help and enthusiasm, treasure the memories.

Jose de Sousa - Volvo 142 - Portugal
Where and when is the next TWE event - we'll be there.

Michelle Morris - Nissan Patrol - GB
A wonderful 30 days with really fun people. Thanks for such an adventure

Han Hoogendoorn - Subaru Imprezza - Holland
Thanks and congratulations for putting on such a great event.

Cath Woodman - Porsche 911 - GB
The camaraderie from the competitors and the Redshirts made the event really special.

Graham Duxbury - Porsche Cayenne - South Africa
We loved it - we'll be back for South America in 2006.

Allan Dippie - Toyota Corolla - New Zealand
What a very special event the London-Sydney Marathon was.

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