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Midnight Sun to Red Sea Rally

1th June - 21st June 2002

In twenty days TRANS WORLD EVENTS will take you 8,000kms through ten countries from Ostersund in Sweden to Aqaba in Jordan. Across the Baltic, through remote, seldom seen parts of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania and then along the Aegean Coast of Turkey and into the Lawrence of Arabia deserts of Syria and Jordan. From the land of the Midnight Sun to the Red Sea.

In round figures the total distance is 8,500 kms. There's a full day off in Istanbul, another in Petra in Jordan and a couple of half days and lots of time to linger and take in the sights and sounds of the ten countries you'll be driving through. Here's the day by day schedule as it happens.

Competitors from six countries are heading for Ostersund in Sweden for the start of Midnight Sun to Red Sea rally which starts on June 1st.

The 8,000 kms route runs through 10 countries – racing over 600 kms of closed road special stages. Everything from smooth tarmac, traditional gravel and finishing with tough desert stages in Lawrence of Arabia country.

Every one of the 40 stages is timed to the second and the fastest man wins. The Americans call it “rally racing” and that’s what this event is all about. Racing over roads that have been closed to the public.

“We’ve had tremendous cooperation from police and governments in all 10 countries,” said Event Director Nick Brittan. And to comply with all the requirements we have over 1,500 marshals out there running the stages to FIA regulations and we’ve employed 41 doctors and the same number of ambulances to look after the safety of the competitors.


No it’s not Madonna. It’s London journalist Nik Berg in the Toyota-supported Prius. Part battery-powered part petrol-driven it’s the smallest car on the event. Most people see the Prius as a cute town car, Berg and his co-driver Tim Bampton are aiming to give the little car a new image.

“We’re not going to be up there with the hot shots,” said Berg. “But our advantage on the long, remote sections is that even if we run out of petrol we’ll keep going – on battery power !"  more...

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