Midnight Sun to Red Sea Rally

5th June 2004

Day 3 - Sunne to Karlskrona (Sweden)


Today you do it for real. Out of the hotel and into the first Regularities within minutes. Through a forest on a military training ground.

From here it's more scenic motoring through this neat tidy country with lots of lakes and cute villages down to the port of Karlskrona. Time for a look around this interesting old town before taking the night ferry to Gdynia in Poland. A good ferryboat, small but comfortable cabins and with a decent restaurant and the opportunity for a bit of a party on board.

Day 3 of the Midnight Sun to Red Sea Rally, and it was Richard Martin-Hurst in his V8 Capri that started ruffling the feathers of the top drivers, setting 2nd fastest time on 2 of the days stages.

With the rally completing its Swedish chapter today, the cars and drivers were on a ferry tonight, crossing the Baltic Sea bound for Poland. They left behind 3 of Sweden’s best special stages, with lots of crests and ‘yumps’ for those that dared to air.

Smokin’ Joe McAndrew was launching himself today, turning on its head the notion that Kiwi’s can’t fly. Completing what has become a familiar hat-trick, he set fastest times on all of today’s stages.


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