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The Team

Gawaine Clark is from Lincolnshire and is the proprietor of Langworth Motorsport. He has many years of experience in rally driving.His first ever event was the Mad Videos Rally in 1989 at Manby in Lincolshire and he has since successfully rallied a variety of cars both in the UK and abroad. Gawaine has enjoyed manny outright victories but in recent years he has put his own rallying on a back burner in order to concentrate on creating an increasingly poplar and successful motorsport business, which he approaches with the same enthusiasm and zeal that he did his driving.

Jason Moore is Gawaines right hand man. Jason also has a wealth of experience in rallying, both behind the wheel and under the bonnet. His first event was in an Avenger in 1990 and he has since gone from strength to strength. He is a valued and dedicated team member.

Ben Colley is a leading contender in the Peugeot 205 Challenge. He will be driving as Langworth Motorsport built and run Peugeot 205 1.6 GTI in the final three rounds of the Championship. Ben,who is twenty, is currently 2nd in the expert class of the Challenge, Which is a major achievement in only his second year of rallying and first in a front-wheel drive car.

Ben was 2nd overall in the Heart of England Championship 2001 in his first year competing and 1600 champion. He also won best young driver and forest champion awards. Langworth Motorsport see Ben as star of the future.

Steve Blunt is a solicitor from Guilford and has only been rallying for one year.

He is going to undertake the long distance rally from Sweden to Jordan on the 1st of June. This is a gruelling rally that takes three weeks to travel 8,000kms through ten countries from Ostersund in Sweden to Aqaba in Jordan.

Robert Duck is from Derby and has been Gawaine's Co-Driver most of the time. Nobody knows when he was born, but born he was and now works as a Rolls Royce aero-engineer.

His first rally was the Hob Hey Rally in Derbyshire in 1982. His career high point to date was coming 7th in the Historic Monte in 1993. His worst experience was retiring twice in the first stage of a Le Touquet Rally

Robert is currently co-driving for Steve Blunt and they are currently getting ready to tackle the Midnight Sun to Red Sea Rally (Sweden to Jordan) on the 1st of June. top

Andy 'Sponge' Wilson is a floating Co-driver with twelve years experience. He is Jason's co-driver when he's racing and another hand on the service team when he's not.

Have a look at the out-takes and see if you can guess which picture Jason gave him for his wedding present..!

Russell Cook was born in Lincoln in 1972 (so he says!) and he is in charge of the van with all the equipment and spares...etc. He has been servicing since 1988 and is a valued member of the team. top

Jim Dowse has worked in the parts department of the local Peugeot agent and certainly knows his way around the spares! Jim is a dedicated and reliable member of the service team and his extensive knowledge is invaluable.

Helene Clark is Gawaines wife. Helene has to navigate the chase car. A serious task as they have to arrive at the service points before the Rally car and be ready for anything from failed brakes to broken gearsticks and wheel changes to headlight cleaning....and that's on a good day!

Helene is one of Langworth's resident Co-Drivers and she is responsible for a lot of the photographs you see here on this website too.

Jenni Eggett, that's me, I look after the website and apologies if anything is amiss - you can always let us know by email or fax or even phone.

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