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Other Drivers
In addition to their own racing Langworth Motorsport have, over the last four years, run cars for other people:-
Dennis Tate
Astra GpN  Stuart Couldron Peugeot 205
Nick Tate
Peugeot 106  Shaun Woofinden Peugeot 205
Arron Rothwell Peugeot 205  Dave Harris Peugeot 205
Jason Moore Peugeot 205  Steve Jewel Peugeot 205
Andrew Hedgecock Peugeot 205  Kev Owen Peugeot 205
Michael Brew Peugeot 205  Andy Gwynne Vauxhall Corsa
Michael Brew Honda Civic  Graham Perkins Peugeot 205
Charlie Exton Honda Civic  Roger Freer Impreza
Duncan Beale Skoda 130  Chris Jones Impreza
Graham Patchett Fiat Strada  Simon Bennett Peugeot 205
Graham Patchett Alfasud  John Wilshaw Peugeot 205
Louise Boothman Citroen BX Diesel  Neale Lewis-Jones Impreza
Nick Tate Peugeot 106  Neil Hughes Peugeot 205
Michael Brew Peugeot 106  Steve Blunt Peugeot 205/306
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