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Rally Sponsorship

A sales opportunity in 2002!

Why sponsorship? A company's sales turnover is dictated by the number of it's customers. Expansion of a customer base can be achieved by increased company and product awareness. This increased awareness can be brought about by good, effective advertising, but with many companies advertising similar products, how do you differentiate your company from your competitors? How do you stand out in a crowd?

Sponsorship is such a means. For many years, companies have sponsored sporting events throughout the world, and their organisations and products have become household names.One only has to think of such things as snooker tournaments, athletics meetings and motorsport events to realise the scale of product awareness that sponsorship can promote.

How about Car Rally Sponsorship? Sponsorship takes place at all levels of the sporting world, from local meetings to national and international events. The level at which sponsorship is targeted determines the level at which company and product awareness is increased. Local sponsorship is very effective because it ensures that the immediate public are the targeted audience. Sponsorship offers an exciting alternative to the local press and can ensure that the sponsor will get a "free" mention in the local press when sporting events are held, and sporting events always attract audiences and press attention! Now there's even Sky TV coverage of nearly every top event which means free TV advertising too. A great way to reach a much greater audience with very little effort.

You too can be a winner! Car Rallying has consistantly grown over the years and both the number of competitors and spectators have greatly increased. the largest car sporting event in Britain is the RAC Rally in November, which is itself sponsored by Lombard Central, and has come to be known as the Lombard RAC Rally. This event alone attracts two million people over the five days of the event and, unlike Formula 1 Racing, it is not restricted to the top works teams and their professional drivers. Whilst the World and National Rally Championships are fought out between the factory teams, such as Lancia, Toyota and Ford, many privateers can achieve good results and therefore good press coverage. (See our list of achievements over the last 10 years!) Local and national events are well covered in the press. There are also championships geared towards the improvement of Britain's Clubmen Drivers and the promotion of Car Rallying as a sport.

..Rally is not a crime!

You even get to stay up late...!How Much Will It Cost?? Entry fees in 2002 can be as much as 400 for each event. Accommodation and sustenance for the team can amount to a further 300- 500, depending on whether the event is a national or an international one. Tyres cost around 90 each plus vat and we would expect to use about 20 tyres in a season. Fuel costs approximately 150 for a British event and proportionately more for overseas events. The budget for this year amounts to around 15,000! Sponsorship means a great deal to the team and we all take it very seriously.


What Are The Benefits??

The amount of sponsorship depends on you, but for a reasonable investment the benefits would include:

 1. Increased awareness by the rally spectators.

 2. Increased awareness through local and national press coverage.

 3. The use of the Rally Car and Team for press advertisments.

 4. The use of the Rally Car and Team for Open Days, Shows and Presentations.

 5. Video footage of action for use with company promotional material for distribution to clients.

 6. The use of the Rally Car and Team for "Corporate Days", for company incentives and internal public relations.

 7. Complimentary Co-Driver seat in a local event as a competition prize for staff or customers.

 8. The kudos of being a dynamic business involved in an exciting sport in an intimate way!

 9. A BIGGG MENTION ON OUR WEBSITE!!!  plus free advertising on the website during your sponsorship.

How to contact us..
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