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The 205 Challenge 2002
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The Peugeot 205 Challenge - An action packed year for Stephen Wade and Andy Wilson!

The 205 challenge takes place throughout the year and includes 7 individual Events.

The championship events include, 2 tarmac single venues rallies, 1 rally cross and 4 national B status forest rallies.

The points scoring system is designed to reward outright speed rather than car reliability and the inclusion of a "fastest stage time table" will add to the excitement and competitiveness of the championship.

Estimated Entry Costs:- Between 100 and 250 each event approximately 1,500 for 7 events.

The Events Calendar - 2002
Official championship Test Days, Instruction Days, Car Prep Days and PR days will also be included in the schedule.
Confirmed dates for 205 challenge rounds August NO EVENT NB All rallies run during daylight hours according to all rally organisers.

Personal Goals - Official championship test days, instruction days, car preparation days and PR days are included throughout the year.

   Jan/February - Blyton Mock Rally Event and Tuition plus Co-driver Training.

   February/March - Championship Shakedown and PR Day.

   February/March - Ice Driving School in Norway.

  1. April 21 - Twyford Wood Stages Mid-derbyshire MC Nr Grantham (B)
    Single venue, NR Grantham. Forestry commission land. Estimated cost of event entry 140.00.
    Advice on insurance will be placed on the website. Taxed/non-taxed up to the individual. Car must be MOTD. Needs to pass noise test max 100 decibels. 8 stages. Splits & mergers to be discussed further. Road diagram provided.
    Contact:- Steve 07753 933564
  2. May 18 - Swynnerton Stages Streetly MC NR Stafford (B)
    Streetley Event. Based in Cambridge.
    Estimated cost of event entry 170-180 approx. Streetley Motor Club (our affiliated car clubs own event!) will organise this and advise.
  3. June 16 - Rallycross Blyton NR Gainsborough (B)
    Purpose built track. Gainsborough NR Doncaster. Opportunity to take friends, sponsors - spectator generated, fast, exciting, challenging. Likely to be running at the same time as Supercars. Cost of event entry 100.00 (cheapest entry) 15-17 miles.
    Contact: Photo by MARK SAYER
  4. July 20 - Swansea Bay Rally Port Talbot MC NR Swansea (B)
    Novices prepare to be afraid! Currently trying to negotiate that this event runs solely for the 205 Challenge. A national round, 'B' section. 3 stages long. One stage 17 miles the other 15 miles and 9 miles 42 in total.
    Central services, Based Port Talbot. Positioning to be advised. Would look to seed. Cost of event entry 240.00.
  5. September 15 - Sweet Lamb Stages Ecurie Royal Oak MC NR Aberystwyth (B)
    NR Aberystwyth. Forestry. Famous water splash. 40-45 miles. Same Forest Complex could be hired before the event for an exclusive 205 Challenge tuition day? Cost of event entry 220-230 (not fixed yet).
  6. October 27 - Premier Rally Dukeries MC NR Mansfield (B)
    Starts from Mansfield Centre. Excellent spectator event. 45 miles approx. Different style of forest to Wales. 90 degree bends, long sweeping straights, max speeds. Cost of event entry 215-220.
    Contact:- [email protected]
  7. December 7 - Grizedale stages Grizedale MC Lake District (B)
    Forest. Single venue. Likely to be slippery, icy and snowy. Rally use two forests linked by road sections. (Last year 33 road miles, 44 stages miles) Therefore road-legal cars required It is NOT run in the dark. 1st car starts 09:30, last car finishes 16:00. Obviously there can be delays but we have kept to this schedule for the past 4 years. NO lamp-pod required. Cost of event entry 240-250. Kev is a previous out right winner of this event in a 205!

Jan - 2003 - Championship Prize giving and celebration -
Provisionally @ Park Hall, Camerlot, Preston.

Contact information
Binbrook Streetly M.C. - - 01543877444
Blyton Rallycross BRDA - or call Pat Flynn
Swansea Bay - [email protected]
Sweet Lamb - - Ecurie Royal Oak M.C.
Premier Rally Dukeries M.C. - [email protected]
Grizedale -

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